11 March MSA Drag racing info, SCR and more

11 March MSA Drag racing info, SCR and more


This coming Saturday (11 March) Killarney will be hosting a bonanza of events including the first rounds of the WPMC Short Circuit Racing on the half main circuit and Drag racing on the main straight as well as Karting on their circuit. Adding to this will be the annual BMW GS qualifier event taking place next to the Motocross circuit (located on the Cape Town side of the facility). All this action for only R70 per adult spectator.

MSA Drag racing pre entries will be held at Killarney this evening from 7,30pm till 8,30pm or on the morning of the event (at gate no 1) from 7,30am till 10am. Kindly note that the WPMC has been granted permission to assist competitors with one event licences and social licences, MSA Club status licences need to be obtained from MSA before the event. For more info visit MSA’s website http://www.motorsport.co.za/ or call the Cape Town office on 021 556-1026. Please see below for detailed info on the MSA licences and costs.

With the Portatree Drag racing timing system working well and the huge digital display boards also now working. Competitors and spectators can look forward to valuable info as the races unfold.

For this Saturday, spectators pay R70 pp, U16 R20 and U12 free.

For more info on this or other events contact the WPMC admin office on 0215571639 or email admin@wpmc.co.za

Drag Racing participant’s info: Entries at gate no 1 from 7.30am till 10am (Sharp).

Entry fees: R280 per competitor, R170 for WPMC Club member.

MSA LICENCE INFO: MSA licence required for all competitors, available at entries / documentation.

MSA SOCIAL LICENCE) Info for STREETCARS NOT running quicker than 12,5 seconds.

# The SLD disc that was sold to drag competitors last year who competed in the Street Legal Drag Class has been replaced by the Social Licence and does not cater for motorcycles. The social licence is only available for competitors in the Street Legal Drag Class.

# The cost of the social licence is R300 and medical insurance is an additional R341 (total of R641). If you don’t take the MSA medical insurance you have to submit proof of your own medical aid and confirmation that your medical aid will cover you for motor racing. This needs to be submitted with the licence application.

# These licences can be issued to members of the public (there is no need to be a WPMC member in order to be able to take out this licence)

ONE EVENT LICENCES) For all competitors:

# Motorsport SA one event licences are available at a cost of R337 per person for CARS and R446 per person for MOTORCYCLES. including compulsory medical insurance. Only club members will be allowed to score points to any championships.

# Competitors able to run quicker than 11,5 seconds at Killarney require a MSA Club status licence and compulsory medical insurance.


The same medical requirements count for ALL MSA Licences (i.e. Social, OE and full annual licences). Therefor ALL competitors 50 and over need to submit a stress ECG for approval before a licence can be issued to them, this cannot be done on the day of the event as the ECG needs to be approved by MSA before the licence can be issued.

Also note; If a competitor answers yes to any of the medical questions you also can’t issue him with a licence on the day. His form would need to be looked at and approved by MSA first.

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