2017 Killarney Motor Show – more News

2017 Killarney Motor Show – more News

2017 Killarney Motor Show – more News



With Saturday’s Power Series crowd at Killarney, having set a new attendance record for local meetings, the circuit organisers are now busy finalising arrangements for what could be two of the biggest events ever staged on the Cape’s west coast.

These include this Sunday’s (October 15), 2017 Killarney Motor Show,  followed by the final round of the FIA Rallycross, world championship, on the November 11 & 12 weekend.

The Killarney Motor Show is a unique event that is going to offer family entertainment for everyone from “kortbroek” youngsters, to senior citizens. The really little ones will be able to start in Kiddies Korner, where there will be minders to take care of them. Those a little older will flock to the go-karts – pedal and mechanical – get behind the wheel of  the kiddies bumper cars, spend time at the funfair or become involved in a range of unusual participation games.

Meanwhile, the big come-on for the seniors will undoubtedly be a selection of magnificently restored classic and vintage cars and motorcycles, several of them more than a 100 years old. 

In between, there is going to be more than enough live and static action for everyone. This includes the first Monster Truck to be seen in these parts. A giant of a vehicle, it is here to demonstrate what Monster Trucks do best – and that is to drive over and crush every car in its path.

Then there are the Le Riche brothers who were a sensation last year with their motorcycle stunt show. They have since paid another visit to the United States and returned with a new selection of mechanical illusions.

A  powerful 10.3-litre, single cylinder Bulldog Lanz crawler, that first arrived in South Africa in 1933, is expected to be a star attraction during the tractor tug-of war competition.

A large variety of the latest car, commercial and motorcycle brands will be on display, with a small section of the track set aside for test drives.

By contrast, with electrically powered wheels becoming more ever more prominent, the display of electrically assisted pedal cycles and electric scooters, as well as cars, are going to afford show visitors a glimpse of the future.  

Vehicles being displayed but not for sale, include cars that have done duty in movies and American police cars, as well as racing cars and streetcars.

Up above, there is going to be a jet and propeller powered model aeroplane flypast and even a snake park at ground level..

Of course, those wishing to relax a little, will be able to take advantage of the seven food courts, beer gardens, wine tasting and eight live bands (at different times during the day).

Don’t miss either of these events.




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