2017 Killarney Motor Show Update II

2017 Killarney Motor Show Update II

2017 Killarney Motor Show Update II


The show is going to include a variety of cars, many of them that have not been seen at Killarney before.


With Sunday’s Killarney Motor Show now only days away, this is a final breakdown of what is going to be there — and the best way to see it all.

Visitors are advised to begin with a programme, establish where the various exhibits are and then head for their favourite form of motoring first. Because the large Killarney concept is going to be crowded with the greatest variety of mechanical exhibits ever seen in the Cape.

And while there will not be any problem fitting everything in, allowance should also be made to be where — and at the specified times — that all the live action is due to take place. Of course listening to the commentators will help bolster the programme info in that regard.   

The live attractions include a 7-litre, V8 powered Titan monster truck with its giant, chest high wheels, that is going to crush a selection of defenceless cars.  This will be accompanied by a modified VW Beetle that — providing it doesn’t get in the way of the truck —  pulls wheelies that leave the Volksie’s front end high in the air.

Other action is due to take place at different altitudes. Because in addition to a flypast by a selection of jet and propeller driven model planes, there is also going to be an aerial demonstration of microlites as well as rarely seen, vertical take-off and landing, gyrocopters.  

Then there are the Le Riche brothers with a stunt presentation that has them flying through the air on their motorcycles.

Those way out guys from AfrikaBurn who are forsaking their base in the Karoo to show off a selection of their wacky, home built vehicles, will be providing entertainment of a different nature.

There will also be more than 1000 static, wheeled exhibits. These include new and vintage cars and commercial vehicles of all kinds. Providing a booking is made, many of the latest models will also be available for test runs on a section of the main track. Provided a reservation is made, the latest models may be tested on a section of the track.

By contrast, the Crankhandle Club will not be aiming to set any new lap records during their parade of classic and veteran cars. 

Kiddies can enjoy the mechanical and pedal karts, bumper cars, a funfair and a  number of gimmicky side-shows

Then for those who may want to relax for a while, there are seven food courts, eight live bands (performing at various times during the day), beer gardens and wine tasting.

Catering for the growing popularity of electrical motivation, displays are going to feature electric scooters and electrically assisted pedal cycles, as well as racing with electrically powered model cars, on a mini track. 

The show will be open from 10am until 5pm on Sunday (Oct.15). Admission is R80 for adults and R40 for scholars U16. There is no charge for kiddies U12.



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