2017 Power Series Final Round

2017 Power Series Final Round

2017 Power Series Final Round


The last round-up of the current Power Series, sponsored at Killarney by Wingfield Motors, ended as had to be expected. This after all the hype and nail biting excitement that had been generated during the final round of the Rallycross World Championship, that was held at the same venue only a couple of weeks earlier.

The smaller crowd on Saturday, was able to move around comfortably and even the competitors appeared to be driving within themselves.

Despite that, the red flags came out regularly and four events were summarily stopped, with one of these incidents actually occurring during the warm-up lap. However the circuit marshals and medics were quickly in action and there were no serious injuries.

Overall (car) results in classes:

V8 Masters (one make): Gold class: Marcel Angel. Silver class Rene Dalais.

Formula Supercars (one make): Gold class: Jarryd Evans. Silver class: Shane Smith. Bronze class: Stuart Spooner.

Access Auto Classic Cars: S) Charles Arton (Datsun 240Z). A) Eric van der Merwe (Porshe 944T). B) Wayne Lotter (Ford Escort 2L). C) Geoff Bihl (Porsche 944 3L). D) Jan-Willem Andre de la Porte (Datsun 240Z). E) Dirk Nolte (Alfa GTA 2L).  

Formula Libre single seaters: S) Garth de Villiers (VW Reynard). A) Jaco Lambert (VW Swift 1.8L). B) Elroy Vice (Formula Vee Lazer). C) Jayson Greyling (VW Forza 1.4L).

Bold Marine GTi Challenge: A) Jurie Swart. B) Jacques Geldenhuys (VW Golf Mk 2 1.8L). C) Bryan Morgan (VW Golf 1.8L).

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