In order to present a motorsport event at Killarney, an extraordinary number of arrangements have to be coordinated, from sending out the Supplementary Regulations (the format sent out to competitors ahead of the meeting, inviting them to enter), to correlating the entries, drawing up the entry lists, coordinating the security arrangements, issuing tickets and pit passes, liaising with the sponsors and the media, writing and collating the programme, stocking the bars and restaurants and catering for the guests in the Tower Lounge – and taking care of 101 last-minute queries, late entries and minor organisational crises.

All of which is done by a dozen dedicated motorsport enthusiasts in the admin building – among them the four smiling ladies in our picture.

Now consider that they do this 200 times a year, and you’ll understand that this is not a job for sissies. The admin staff spend huge amounts of time at the circuit, often outside of working hours because motorsport happens at weekends (or on Wednesday nights!) And there are sometimes two events in a weekend, which means they have to work late on Saturday night or at the crack of dawn on Sunday to get ready.

The admin crew are no less busy during the week, answering hundreds of telephonic and email queries, arranging, scheduling and facilitating payment for private and corporate circuit hire, and looking after the extended Killarney family who occupy garages and workshops at the complex.

They also have to ‘think out of the box’ to come up with exciting new promotions and spectator competitions, market the facility as a function venue and work on ways to attract new sponsors, as many of our traditional supporters move away from motorsport to more telegenic events such as football tournaments.

Yet every time you come into the admin block you are met by smiling faces and friendly greetings, because the people there are first and foremost motorsport enthusiasts – they couldn’t do this job if they weren’t.