They’re always there in the background, at the gates and at every crowd control point, always ready when needed but so unobtrusive that many Killarney spectators don’t even notice them, despite their distinctive red jackets.

CP Security have been providing security personnel for almost every event at Killarney for more than 30 years, and over the years their staff members have become part of the Killarney family.

More than just standing around waiting for trouble, they handle tedious but vital chores such as ticket sales and ticket checks, as well as access control to secured areas.

Like the marshals, they man their posts all day (or all evening in the case of Wednesday night #RobotRacing) in all weathers, from ‘gates open’ until the last spectators go home – but unlike the marshals, they don’t even get to see the racing.

Which is why you will sometimes see a familiar face in the stands at an event, and wonder where you’ve met them before – until you realise it’s one of the regular CP personnel, attending an event at Killarney as a spectator even though they’re not on the roster for that day, just for the love of motorsport.

Always courteous, always professional, they make it possible for us to present motorsport and other events, confident that our Killarney family will be safe while they are ‘in our house’ and for motorsport fans to enjoy a day at the races knowing that they and their families won’t be hassled or caught up in any drama.

The Killarney complex is a big place, but few people realise just how many security personnel are needed to guarantee the safety of the spectators at our events – which is why the photograph below, taken before a #RobotRacing event, will come as a surprise to most of our Killarney family.