Double Header Weekend of 30June/1July2018

Double Header Weekend of 30June/1July2018

Killarney is going to be busy with a variety of activities this weekend. With the final round of the 2018 World Rallycross Championship due at the complex in November, this includes a shakedown meeting for local RX drivers on Saturday, followed by a more relaxed indoor family orientated Winter Market on Sunday.

Saturday’s unique event introduces several exciting new features and is  planned to be lighter on the cars —  and the drivers bank balances. It includes a Time Attack, where competitors have a staggered start and  compete against the clock on a circuit that is 85% tar and 15% gravel. Drivers do not have to negotiate the jump. Then the Head-to-Head format begins with a joint start and includes the jump and the Joker lap. It is 65% tar and 35% gravel. The Rally class races in the Time-Attack format but includes the jump.

Drivers have an open tyre choice and only non-aggressive rubber is  allowed. The Hankook brand, or slicks, are recommended.  Motorsport SA has given special licence dispensation for this event.

The organisers are confident that the new format will address a number of concerns. These include suspension damage caused by the jump, as well as body damage from metal to metal contact. The MSA licence requirements for this event can also be a cost saver.

Motard riders and stock car drivers are also invited to participle, while Streetcars will be accepted without roll cages.

The Winter Market on Sunday, that is being set up in the indoor New Pits facility, is going to offer indoor, as well as outdoor, kids activities in a safe environment, mouth-watering food and live music. Cyclists will have the use of the track.

The stalls are going to offer everything from a selection of crafts, clothing and household goods, to a variety of parts for cars, motorbikes and pedal cycles – some still in running order.

 There will be no shortage of secure parking and there is no admission charge.




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