Fuel for sale, Blind Navigators rally , Karting section officials required

Fuel for sale, Blind Navigators rally , Karting section officials required

The info below includes:

# Unleaded Fuel available for sale to Power Series competitors

# Call for drivers – Lions REACT Blind Navigators Rally – Killarney (3 March)

# Get involved – Karting section officials required


To WPMC club members,

Please note that unleaded petrol is available for sale to Power Series competitors at the same price as fuel sold at petrol stations, currently R13.63 per litre.

This convenience is offended to all WPMC club members for their convenience on Power Series race weekends on the Friday from 8:30 to 15:30 and on the Saturday from 8:00 to 16:00.

Please note that you are required to provide your own containers and fuel will only be sold in litres as the dispensing meter only measures litres and not Rand value.


  1. Members will be required to visit the WPMC admin office,
  2. prove their membership status,
  3. advise on the number of litres to be purchased,
  4. pay for the fuel and get a receipt.
  5. You then make your way to the fuel tanker (located next to the V8 masters garage) and present your receipt to the staff member dispensing fuel;  and
  6. the quantity of fuel purchased will be dispensed into you container(s).
  7. The staff member dispensing the fuel will retain your receipt


Your receipt will only be valid for the Friday and Saturday of the event.


The 52nd Lions REACT Blind Navigators Regularity Rally is being held on Saturday 3 March starting and finishing at the WPMC Clubhouse and we are looking for volunteer drivers who are prepared to take a blind navigator round the 140kms route which is all on tar with the exception of 3kms of good dirt to the farm for a tea break and back again.   Regularity rallying is a sport of precision and accuracy driving rather than an all-out quest for speed like the modern special stage rallies.   The set speeds are at least 10% below the prevailing speed limit for the road and also take into consideration the terrain and anticipated traffic conditions so as to cause as little inconvenience to other road users as possible.   Apart from you and your everyday vehicle with fuel the cost is the Entry Fee of just R30.00 – no special licence is required.  The organisers supply the necessary equipment as required by MSA.

Timing is that you would need to be at the WPMC Clubhouse at about 10h00 for Documentation and Drivers Briefing.   The first car is away at 11h00 with 2 minute intervals to the next one.   When everyone is back then the Lions provide a meal for all competitors and officials after which the results are announced and the prizes handed out.   The whole event should be over by 17h00 in time for drivers to get home and have a social evening with friends and family.   While there is with some people a competitive edge to these events the main object is to give the Navigators a great day out.   If anyone in interest in helping giving back something which they have had or are getting out of motorsport and is available to drive or wish to know more about our side of the sport please contact Roger on 083-415-3184 or 021-554-5949 or mantons@afrihost.co.za so that we may allocate you a navigator.


The WPMC Karting section is looking for people to get involved in motorsport as supporting officials for their racing events held at Killarney International Raceway, approximately once per month.

This is an ideal way of getting involved with motorsport without incurring costs and supporting the drivers, many of which are young.

Positions that require candidates include;

# Technical Consultant (TC)

# Scrutineers to do vehicle checks.

# Scale official

Kindly contact the karting section secretary for more information

Chantal Pieters – wpmckarting@gmail.com / 0824154846


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