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Streetcar Track Day 19 July



2pm – 6pm.GroupingsDrivers will be separated into three groups:

- Group 1: Easy group – No passing under brakes / single file in the corners.

- Group 2: Experienced group – Out braking is allowed / No overtaking in the corners.

- Group 3: Pro Group – This is for the very experienced driver and race vehicles at race pace.

Fees (VAT inclusive):- R400 per driver if not a member of the WPMC,

- R300 for 2014 WPMC members(must produce membership book),

- R50 for passengers.- Helmets available for hire,

R80 excl deposit. Contact WPMC on 0215571639

Important information for drivers:

- Drivers briefing 15 minutes before the start of the event. Attendance is compulsory. Non-attendance may result in your entry being rejected,

- All vehicles will be subject to a safety check prior to going onto the circuit, everything must be in good working order.

- No cracks in the brake disks, battery to be securely fastened

- Long sleeve tops, long pants, closed shoes and an SABS approved helmet are compulsory for drivers and passengers. Helmets are available for hire on the day, R80 each excl deposit.Noise levels- No excessively loud vehicles allowed at Killarney.

- The organizers will be conducting sound tests and reserve the right to stop further participation if, in the organizers sole opinion, your car is excessively loud.

- Entry fees will not be refunded should your car be too noisyFor more information Killarney events please call 021 557-1639 or email


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