Killarney Motor Show, Sunday 15 Oct 2017

Killarney Motor Show, Sunday 15 Oct 2017

Killarney Motor Show, Sunday 15 Oct 2017


With more exhibits and a heap more action than before, the second (live), Argus Killarney Motor Show on Sunday October 15, promises to be the biggest and certainly the best event of its kind, ever staged in the Western Cape.

Because while the 2016 show was undoubtedly a huge success, the action this year is going to include the first appearance in these parts, of a car crunching monster truck, as well as a high flying display of Freestyle Motocross stunt bikes. And in addition, there is also going to be a new act by the incredible American award winning Le Riche brothers, who thrilled the Killarney crowd last year.

Monster trucks are continuing to gain popularity in the United States. This after Bob Chandler started it all when he built the first Bigfoot in the late 1970’s. Other expressive names like Grave Digger, Bear Foot, King Kong, Master of Disaster and Grim Reaper, quickly followed his example and a new motorsport craze was born.

It quickly spread to Canada, Europe and particularly to Oz where Monsters like Tropical Thunder Australia and Outback Thunder, soon established themselves.

Closer to home, Alphonso Loots’ has been responsible for the construction of the destructive Titan Monster Truck. Incredibly, he has even been able to licence it for use on public roads as an “experimental tractor.” Although, as he explains he never takes advantage of that privilege.

Originally a street legal Ford F250 bakkie, it now weighs over five tons and is powered by a giant 7.6-litre V8 motor that develops 2,500 Nm of torque. The transmission is by way of a Ford C6 automatic gearbox, while the power steering from a big Mercedes truck, helps the driver keep it pointed in the right direction.

But it’s the mind-blowing wheels that always capture the most attention from the public.  They are chest high, a metre wide and weigh 308kg each. The giant “terra” tyres that have become the norm on monster trucks, were originally developed for agricultural purposes and are now available with a selection of treads designed for better off-road traction.

Then, in another field of sporting endeavour, with motocross having always been popular in the Cape, senior enthusiasts will recall former American champion “Rocket” Rex Staten, who caused a sensation during an international motocross meeting at Killarney in the 1970’s. Although closely pursued he was leading, when he disregarded the handlebars and held his hands high over his head, while airborne over a particularly difficult jump.

Now retired and back in California, he must be filled with admiration as he watches riders doing double, back, as well as forward somersaults, while at other times taking their hands, feet and even backsides off their bikes as they soar through the air, metres higher than any double story building.

And that’s what everyone’s also going to see performed by the Monster Freestyle Stunt Riders at the Killarney Motor Show.

Of course, the complex will be crowded with an extreme selection of new, as well as vintage, veteran and classic cars, motorcycles and even tractors, with many of the latest models available for test drives and rides.

And in keeping with the Killarney adage of always providing family entertainment, the youngsters are going to receive special attention. The pedal, as well as engine powered karts will be there in force for different age groups, while the Grand Prix simulators are going to be available for everyone.



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