The good news for every straight line petrolhead in the Western Cape, is that Street2Strip racing is on the comeback trail. This once popular category is due to be reintroduced at the Killarney International Raceway, on Friday, 11 August. While Street2Strip events were held at the local complex for many years, the organisers decided that as quarter mile racing for Streetcars takes place every Wednesday evening (weather permitting), with MSA Drag events usually once a month at Killarney, a change in the Steet2Strip format was needed.

So what are these new changes?  Well, it’s going to be quite similar to the successful TV series in America called “Street Outlaws”, the Cape Town equivalent is going to be called “Killarney Outlaws”.  “Street Outlaws” run over an eighth mile as opposed to a quarter mile and these “Killarney Outlaw” events will be no different. The biggest difference however that Killarney will be adding to its Outlaw event is that the Portatree timing system will be in place and so the display boards will show drivers 60 foot, 330 foot and 66 foot (1/8 mile) times as well as their speed at the finish line.  Advantages of this format is that there will be no cut off time and so all Streetcars will be welcome, provided drivers maintain control of their vehicles.

After some practice runs, eliminations will start with the loser being given a large “X” on their competition sticker.  This will continue until a final run where the winner will be dubbed the “Killarney Outlaw King” for the evening.  Eliminated cars will be welcome to continue running between the other runs however once you have been eliminated and your car is “X’d” you cannot be that nights Street Outlaw King”.

These events are open to any licenced Streetcar provided they are in a roadworthy condition (full interior and exterior body work required, SABS or DOT approved tyres only, no reckless driving will be tolerated). The organisers decision will be final.

Entries will take place on the evening of the event (5,30pm till 8pm) at a cost of R100 per participant while spectators fees are R60 pp, U12 Free. Drivers numbers will have to be limited to no more than 150 as the approach lights for the timing system does create delays and so the queue does not move as quickly as at Robot Racing events and so more time is required to run large numbers of vehicles.

Further “Killarney Outlaw” events are being earmarked for Friday 20 October as well as Friday 8 December. Keep an eye on for more info or call the WPMC admin office on 021 5571639.

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