Motorcycle Track School powered by KTM Cape Town

Motorcycle Track School powered by KTM Cape Town

Killarney International Raceway’s first Motorcycle Track School for 2021 will be run on Saturday 23 January from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Powered by KTM Cape Town, it is open to riders of all makes of motorcycles who want to improve their riding skills up to a standard of excellence, rather than down to a speed limit.

Track schools are not just for superbike enthusiasts; no matter what you ride, you will take away potentially life-saving lessons in hard braking and accurate placement on the road, with input from experienced road and racing instructors in a safe and controlled environment, while enjoying your motorcycle in the manner it was intended to be ridden.

It’s not about speed, although the hotshots in the Fast Group enjoy riding very fast indeed. Even the most inexperienced riders in the Slow Group benefit immensely from riding around the circuit no faster than they would on suburban streets, repeating the same sequence of corners every two-and-a-half minutes and smoothing out their lines every time until precision steering becomes more a matter of muscle memory than conscious effort.

Sadly, NO SPECTATORS will be allowed – not even pillion passengers, due to the extended Level 3 Covid-19 lockdown – and strict health and safety protocols among participants will have to be observed. These include compulsory wearing of face masks at all times, strict cleaning protocols and temperature screening of all participants attending.

Arrival time on Saturday morning from 7:45am to ensure the gate entry staff have enough time to check entrants temperature etc.

Riders will be seeded into three groups – Beginner, Medium and Fast. Full riding gear is required for all riders except those in the Beginner group, where basic gear is acceptable.

Pre-booking is mandatory; only online entries will be accepted and, as always, places are limited. No competition licence holders may participate – the riding school is open to road riders and track day riders only.

Contact Amanda Baud at KTM Cape Town on for entry forms; the entry fee is R600, paid into the Motorcycle Section account as per normal.

For more information contact KTM Cape Town on (021) 511 7966 or Wayne Arendse on 071 866 8399.