Peter Gough Memorial Service Friday 12 May 2017

Peter Gough Memorial Service Friday 12 May 2017


The sudden death of Peter Gough (79), on Friday May 5, came as a shock to all who knew him.

A former South African Saloon, as well as Sports Car Champion in the late 1960’s, Peter ‘s burgeoning career came to a sudden end when the rotary engined Mazda he was driving in a six hour race in Bulawayo, caught alight and he was trapped inside, with the car covered in flames.

He suffered 65% burns and with no fireproof underwear, his overalls melted onto his body. The injuries were so severe that no commercial airline was prepared to accept him as a passenger and he had to be flown back to Cape Town in a private plane.

He eventually spent more than a year, in and out of hospitals and had to endure more than 100 surgical procedures, many of them for facial reconstruction.

Incredibly, although it took a long time, he eventually recovered, and even returned to the track to a limited degree. He acquired a commercial pilot’s licence and began a highly successful career in the motor industry.

Sadly, there were other accidents. The most serious of these was when he was injured after crashing his bicycle during a high speed downhill training run.  

A memorial gathering in his honour, will be held at the clubhouse on Friday May 12, at 16h00.    

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