The undoubted star of the MSA Drag Racing event at Killarney on Saturday 14 August was Herman Mostert’s brand-new 2JZ-powered Nissan Champ bakkie, which ran a 7.97 second pass at 308.06km/h in its first appearance at Killarney.

Nicknamed ‘Jack Russell’ the little truck posted an impressive 8.73 at 262.23km/h straight off the trailer, backed that up with a second effort of 8.53 seconds at 253.86km/h, before breaking into the sevens in the last run of the day. Mostert also posted the next fastest time of the day in his boxed-shaped Toyota Corolla, ‘Poodle’, recording a 9.11 second pass at 216.93 to clinch Class OS ahead of the two Volkswagen Golf Mk1’s of Jody van Schoor (the only other four-wheeled competitor under 10 seconds at 9.56 and 216.93km/h) and Zachary Matthys (11.186 seconds at 207.18km/h).

Class OA for naturally aspirated modified cars was a Volkswagen Golf Mk1 benefit, with the top three times posted by Thauriq Jacob (11.489 seconds at 191.03km/h, Whaleed Manuel (12.07 at 185.91) and Romano Crowster with 123.134 seconds at 176.79km/h.

There was only one entry in Class 6S for six-cylinder cars with forced induction; nevertheless, Lester Mackay impressed with a best run of 12.22 seconds at 175.40km/h (and some of the day’s most spectacular burnouts) in his very standard-looking BMW 335i. Class 6A for naturally aspirated sixes was fought out between two 2JZ powered Toyota Corollas; the honours went to Kenny Rinkwest with a 13.44 second run at 166.81km/h, ahead of Sadick Mullins who don’t complete a run.

Devlin Padayachee and his Honda Ballade aced Class 4S for ‘blown’ four-cylinder cars with a best run of 12.51 seconds at 192.34km/h, followed by Jason James (Nissan Sabre) at 12.77 seconds and 183.43km/h and Rasheed Ho-Kim (Datsun 1200) with 14.319 seconds and 156.39km/h.

Darrol Arendse surprised a lot of people with an impressive 11.96 second pass at 186.71km/h in his Toyota MR2 roadster to win Class 4A for naturally aspirated four-cylinder cars, well ahead of Moeneeb Parker’s neatly prepared Nissan 1400 LDV (12.53 seconds and 179.42km/h) and Wintzel Willemse in a Honda Ballade, who posted a creditable 13.39 second run at 169.05km/h.

The only entry in the Street Legal Class, Qashiem Louw, very nearly broke into the 12s with an impressive 13.03 second pass at 171.17km/h – which would have won him Class 6S for modified, forced-induction six-cylinder cars if he hadn’t insisted on the car’s street-legal credentials.

There were also only two motorcycle entries, Heinich Slamet on his Suzuki GSX-R1000 and Bradlee Kieviets’ Kawasaki ZX14, so they spent the day racing each other, resulting in a best effort of 8.71 seconds at 252km/h for Slamet compared to 9.85 at 205.86 for the bigger, heavier Kawasaki.

Many thanks to Funky Franky Petersen for the picture.