There are various sponsorship opportunities available at Killarney International Raceway for companies to get exposure. Be it a large corporate or backyard mechanic there is always a place to put a sticker exposing your product to the many spectators and potential clients that frequent the facility.


Successful sponsorships include the great exposure Wingfield Motors have received from their sponsorship of the regional Power Series, while Thermo Fires and Alert Engine Parts are having the same result with their sponsorships of the Clubmans and GTi Challenge section respectively.

There are also many smaller sponsors in the same section helping to make racing easier for all the competitors’ pockets.


Street-racing events that attract some of the largest crowds are an ideal way to get maximum exposure to the younger market while South Motorcycles have been supporting the Main Circuit motorcycle section for many years due to the great exposure they have received in the motorcycling community.

If you have further queries about sponsorship or would like to find out how to support the sport you can email paul@wpmc.co.za