Street Racing


Killarney often host’s Club Drag racing, Robot Racing and a Streetcar Track day each month with many competitors from all over the Western Cape and as far away as George and Knysna.  Many of these events are given a name and identity with added promotion and attractions resulting in bigger crowds and more interest from spectators.


These events provide a great introduction into motorsport where the competitors get to use their own road legal cars, in most cases, on the circuit without too much hassle and the costs involved. Our Robot Racing events fees to get onto the circuit is only R60 that includes you entrance ticket and you are burning rubber on the track.


The WPMC Club Drag days offer the faster drivers the chance to strut their stuff, under the banner of MSA with all the licences and medical cover in place.


We often run bigger events with added promotion and other added attractions and this always results in more competitors and spectators.


The queues are also often less on these MSA days allowing these competitors more runs and less standing time.


The Killarney Streetcar Track days keep attracting some special cars and its not unusual to see several Audi R8s and often some top end Sportscars including Ferrari and Porsche. There are three groups on the day accommodating everyone from the first timer to the pro racer in his streetcar.

The fee to ride is R550 per driver and R140 for passengers, WPMC club members pay R400 and R120 as a passenger.  We hold a safety brief at the beginning of each event and ask that all first timers attend this briefing.


Long pants, long sleeve tops,  a decent crash helmet as well as a valid RSA drivers licence are all required for all drivers and passengers at all our Streetracing events.  The vehicles are also required to pass a safety check.

Click on link below to download the Drag Section Rules:




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