10 years ago Owen Ashley Auto Development set Formula Supercars in motion, a one make formula, based on the Opel Astra, compromising a tubular space frame chassis, fiberglass body shell these cars are similar to 7/8 scale NASCARS and 2.0L 8-valve Boss engine. Full racing suspension, complete a package that has created some of the most intense, exciting and competitive racing in the region.


Affordability has always been the aim of this very competitive formula. As such, regulations are strictly controlled to allow budgets of all sizes to race once the initial cost of a car has been overcome. Three classes, Gold, Silver & Bronze, currently form the basis of the championship, with the winner of the Gold class being pronounced the overall champion. Classification is based on average grid position.


Racing takes place at Killarney in Cape Town (South Africa), where the formula is based. Away race tracks currently used are the Mercedes Benz GP circuit at East London and Scribante in PE.

Ten to eleven race meetings are held every year, throughout the year. A race meeting will typically consist of Friday afternoon unofficial practice, where cars are set up and fine tuned for race day. Saturday early morning is used for a 15 minute qualifying period for grid positions for the first race; two 8-lap races complete the day, with grid positions for the second heat determined by results of the first. During all these events the Workshop and Pits are open to all members of the public, giving everyone first hand experience of the process of racing.

Class Rules :