The 2018 Killarney Motor Show

The 2018 Killarney Motor Show


In what is undoubtedly going to be the biggest event of its kind ever staged in the Cape, the 2018 Killarney Motor Show on Sunday November 4, has it all.

But while the 60 hectares of the complex will be crowded with exhibits, both static and mobile, there is no doubt that the chart topper is going to be the freestyle motocross action. Because with motorcycles flying through the air higher than the grandstands, as they demonstrate their incredible mechanical trickery, this is a sight not to be missed.

And of course, they will have the backing of the le Riche brothers, with their own brand of low altitude, motorcycle stunt riding. Then, an Adventure Bike competition on another section of the complex will be yet another two wheel attraction

On four wheels, the Fuchs Monster Truck with its giant chest high wheels, will demolish cars by simply driving over them, while at a much higher speed, South African drifting champion Jason Webb is going to be seen in spectacular slideways action.

Passenger rides will be available on vintage tractors and a selection of wacky Afrikaburn vehicles. As if that’s not enough, the tractors plan to stage a tug-of-war contest as well, while a display of 4×4 activation is being organised by Radio Kfm 94.5 on a rougher section of the complex..

Younger members of the public can take advantage of rides being offered on the championship kart circuit, while the real “kortbroeke” can do the same in the safety of the bumper cars.  

Prospective new car buyers will be able to take advantage of the test runs being offered by dealers on a section of the main circuit.

But with this show offering entertainment for the whole family, it includes a host of static exhibits. These vary from displays of classically restored vintage, veteran and street cars, to being able to participate in a big airbag jump, a wipe-out sweeper game or a parachute rocket jump.

Then for those who prefer to just wander around, there are the snake shows, live bands, a fun fair and five food courts to provide a variety of top class street food and refreshments.

Finally even the sky above will be busy with – weather permitting – displays by microlites and high powered model airplanes.     



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