The Return of the exciting Power Series

The Return of the exciting Power Series

The Return of the exciting Power Series

 An air of anticipation is gathering strength at Killarney as Saturday’s first round of the 2018 Power Series, sponsored once again by Wingfield Motors with media support from Radio KFM, draws nearer.

And this season several new section backers are going to be adding their support to the large array of drivers and riders. Most prominent among them is Pirelli, with the giant tyre manufacturer having added its considerable weight to the Sports and GT category.

Drivers to watch here include former champion Francis Carruthers in his huge Aquila CR1, that receives its considerable urge from a 7-litre Chev V8 powerplant. At the other end of the scale, while it may be smaller and not nearly as wind cheatingly sleek, Clinton Thorne’s 1.6-litre Toyota Birkin 7 has been surprisingly quick during the last year’s final events.     

The battle for the Mike’s Place (another new sponsor), Clubman saloon honours  is likely to be fought out between the spectacular Danie van Niekerk (BMW 325) and Brennon Green, who invites comparison with Tiger Woods as another hugely impressive Golfer who is not always classified as a finisher.    

The GTi Challenge, that is now supported by Burly Pro, may seem confusing at first. Because the contest here is going to be in class C, some way behind the class A & B race leaders. So watch out for class champion Marco Busi and Jacques Geldenhuys, with possible interference from youngsters like Giordano Lupini or the highly aggressive Brett Roach.

While Fabio Tafani was in magnificent form in the 2017 Masters V8 category, he can expect serious opposition from drivers like Britain’s Stephen Young, former titleholders Marcel Angel and Richard Schreuder, as well as Gauteng visitor Paolo Cavalieri, on Saturday.

Then the Makita Supercars may be smaller and a trifle slower, but they don’t hold back and their “balls to the wall,” attitude always provides a thrilling spectacle. Watch for Jarryd Evans, Andrew McCarthy and Andrew Moffitt  in this one.

Suzuki South are backing the Superbikes, while long time Killarney supporter Trac Mac, will be taking care of the A & B Powersport chasers.

The first of the 18 events is due to be flagged away after final qualifying, at 10.00am. Admission is R70 for adults and R20 for scholars under 16, but there is no charge for kiddies under 12.


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