V8 Masters

This is a one make-series of identical cars built here at Killarney for drivers 40 years and older. This racing machine was designed, fabricated and developed by Owen Ashley Auto Developments with the first race taking place in late 2008. The motor is a 5,5L Ford V8 346cu tuned to 325kw, running a Tremec 5 speed transmission through to a 8,5” LS diff.


These cars now run from the NEW PIT side of the circuit often fielding close to twenty cars on the grid with some big names often seen driving incuding Marcle Angel, Dawie Joubert and even Sarel vd Merwe. Other drivers include Charles Arton, Sean MacKay, Clive Spolander, Ferdi van Niekerk to name a few.


The support crew is run by Richard Quixly supported by a very experienced team who have mostly been involved with these vehicles since the beginning.


Be sure to catch these V8 thundering around the circuit on Main Circuit Race days. For more info on Master V8 Series please email bevans@finacta.co.za

Class Rules :


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