Womens’ Day Power Series Results

Womens’ Day Power Series Results

With a combination of mechanical activity for ladies, together with the sixth round of the exciting Power Series, Killarney’s Woman’s Day meeting on Thursday, was a huge success.

Held on a dry track in perfect weather, lady competition winners were rewarded with (amongst a host of other things), laps around the circuit at racing speed, as passengers in cars that were competing in more competitive Power Series events later in the day.    

Overall results (in classes):


Pirelli Sports and GT: 

Class A) Dawie Joubert (Lotus Exige Honda). B) Clinton Thorne (Birkin 7 Toyota). C) Martin Pugh (Shelby Can Am Nissan).


Classic Cars and Shatterfix Fine Cars:                                                                  

Class A) Erik Mouton (Chev de Ville V8). B) Dave Aladeff (Alfa GTA). C) Deon Conradie (Toyota Conquest RSi). D) Bryon Bedien (Datsun 1299 GX).  S) Franco Donadio (Ford Escort Mk 1).


V8 Masters:                                                                                                                    

V8 Gold) Richard Schreuder. V8 Silver) Rob Warrington.


Makita Formula Supercars:                                                                                     

Gold) Ryan McCarthy. Silver) Shane Smith.


Mike’s Place Clubman Saloons:                                                                                 

Class A) Clint Rennard (VW Golf 2l). B) Paul Munnk ( VW Golf GTi). C) Anwar Levy (BMW 325i). D) Damien Lopez (VW Polo). E) Brendan Moore (VW Golf 1)  F) Brendon Geldenhuys (VW Polo).


Formula Libre:                                                                                                           

Class S) Dee-Jay Booysen (Suzuki RM08). C) Byron Mitchell (VW Forxa).


Burly Pro GTi Challenge:                                                                                         

Class A) Greig Edwards (VW Jetta). B) Eden Thompson (VW Golf). C) Marco Busi (VW Golf).

The 7th round of the (Flower), Power Series will be held at Killarney on Saturday September 1.  



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