Public Racing



There are many ways for members of the public to experience the circuit without owning their own racing vehicle. The most popular of these are our regular Motorcycle Track Schools and Car Track Schools.


At these events, members of the public can enjoy driving or riding their vehicles up to a standard, rather than down to a speed limit, in a safe and controlled environment without speed traps, pedestrians or taxis.



Killarney’s commitment to road safety continues with our Car Track School.

And you don’t have to drive a performance car – there are drivers at our track schools in all types of cars from hatchbacks to hot rods. Irrespective of what you drive, the aim is to improve your driving to meet a higher standard rather than just ‘gearing down’ to obey a speed limit, for both your safety and that of your family.

Chat with the experienced instructors and then put their advice into practice during the next track session to improve your car control skillset, in the company of people who love driving as much as you do, who appreciate it as more than just something you do to get around.

And between sessions there are always the little luxuries: cold soft drinks, delicious snacks and the best coffee in Cape Town in the Joubert Pit Lounge with the best view – overlooking the main straight.

MasterDrive will be there with their performance cars from their Hi-Performance Experience. Gino Nourse, Coastal General Manager at MasterDrive, says: “You will not only learn insider tips from our experienced instructors but also grab the chance to get up close-and-personal with the performance cars that form the backbone of the experience.

“It’s our privilege to share the skills we’ve learned through years of our own training, practice and experience on both the track and everyday driving – which often require the skills of an advanced driver to safely navigate – and we’re proud to be a part of such a worthwhile initiative.”

“You also have the opportunity to meet the final five in the MasterDrive Driver Search for Simola,” Gino adds. “So remember to come and say Hi.“

The cost is R610 for members of the Western Province Motor Club and R760 for non-members. Passenger cost is R230 each, whether or not they are members of the Club.

Pre-booking is recommended for both drivers and passengers to avoid long queues and rushed paperwork. Crash helmets are compulsory but if you do not have a crash helmet, these are available for rent on the day at R100 per helmet.

Drivers may bring as many ‘crew members’ as they wish. All participants are welcome to walk across the bridge to the Joubert Pit Lounge and enjoy the superb elevated views of the circuit. There is also an overview of the children’s play area right next door, to keep an eye on junior team members having fun.

Thanks to our lucky draw sponsors, Peninsula Beverages and Tyre Zone, the day will be even better for those that walk away with spot prizes and Killarney memorabilia give-aways. Just remember – you have to pre-enter and be at the drivers’ briefing in the morning to qualify and claim your prize!

For more information contact Terri Philander at; follow us on social media at, and



Riding in winter is unpredictable, but one thing is certain: Wet or dry, the roads are cold and grip levels are reduced.  Safe riding in winter is smooth riding, avoiding sudden inputs that can cause your motorcycle’s tyres to break traction.

And the best place to perfect your smooth moves is at the WPMC Motorcycle Section’s Track School at Killarney.

Our seasoned instructors are very happy to answer your questions about motorcycles and riding techniques, especially if it’s your first Track School. They’ll show you how to read the road conditions and how to cope with a sudden, unexpected downpour or gusting gale-force winds.

It’s all about keeping it smooth and under control. That way, when something unexpected happens on the road, you’ll be able to deal with it safely without having to think about what to do.

Riders are seeded into three groups – Beginner, Medium and Fast. Full riding gear is required for all riders except those in the Beginner group, where basic gear is acceptable, and there are hugely experienced road and race riders on hand for advice on riding technique, street savvy and how to listen to your motorcycle, in a safe and controlled environment.

You may bring as many ‘crew members’ as you wish, and you’re all welcome upstairs at the Joubert Pits Lounge, with superb views of the circuit and an overview of the children’s play area right next door. Warm up between track sessions with on-the-go snacks and light meals from the Lounge and some of the best coffee in Cape Town, while you chat with instructors and fellow riders.

The entry fee is R650 and pre-booking is mandatory. Enter online at

Only online entries will be accepted and, as always, places are limited. No competition licence holders may participate – the riding school is open to road riders and track day riders only.

For more information contact Wayne Arendse on 071 866 8399.