Short Circuit

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Short Circuit Racing – or Half Main Racing is a popular and very successful form of motorsport enjoyed by huge numbers of competitors and run across the entire motorsport world. We have copied that formula and have grown from strength to strength.


Essentially it is an affordable way to enter motor racing for a competitor. It is also a fantastic way for the spectators to enjoy the racing as the entire race track can be seen from any vantage point. We use Killarney International Raceway’s half main as our home track running from Turn one through to Quarry, past the kink, through Shell sweep and back through the cut through onto the Joubert straight. We have an added advantage of being able to change our track layout 6 or more ways.


Half Main Racing was incorporated into the W.P.M.C. as a sub section in 2004. Prior to that Short Circuit had a rich heritage racing under the banner of “Wynland Club” hiring the circuit on an ad-hoc basis.


We cater for all forms of motorsport with something to suit everyone’s ability and taste. Young and old, be you a novice learning from the older experienced competitors or a seasoned decorated participant. We have many competitors who have received National and Provisional colours in their chosen disciplines. We often have over 100 competitors on any given race day and a handful of female participants.

Our Classes:

Super singles – 125 cc Motorcycles (2 stroke) and 250 cc (4 stroke) – 150cc Motorcycles (4 stroke) Junior and senior classes – Formula M (Single seater) – 125 cc Superkarts –  (over 30’s) and Shifters (age 20-29) – CBR Honda NSF 100’s motorcycles (age 8 – 13) Super Mono 540 cc Motorcycles ( 4 stroke singles, age 35 and older). Class X – 4 stroke up to 400 cc twin or single. For example: Kawasaki Ninja 300 cc and KTM 390.


All categories race on the same track and on the same day. With have three heats per category and a qualifying session. This makes for exciting racing and non-stop action. We pride ourselves in creating a friendly, relaxed, safe and fun racing environment that is above all its affordable to all.


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