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Streetcar Track Day – Saturday 14 September 2019

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Streetcar Track day allows members of the public to drive their own Street Cars on the track, in a controlled environment.

We run three groups on the day, ranging from Beginners to Pro, which is your choice however, if it is your first time we will place you into group one for beginners in order to get the feel of the circuit.  After a few track days you are welcome to move yourself up in the groups.  Each group runs in 15 minute sessions until the last hour of the day when we combine all the groups.

All safety requirements apply:  Long Sleeve Tops, Long Trousers, Closed Shoes, Crash Helmet and a valid Driver’s Licence is required.  Helmets are available for hire on the day.

Please note that your vehicle is required to go through a scrutineering check to ensure that ll is in general working order, e.g. no oil or fluid leaks, all wheel nuts are on and secure, no play on the steering, seats are fastened, brake disc have no cracks, etc.

The fees are:  R495 for WPMC Member Drivers, R660 for Non-WPMC Member Drivers and R200 for a passenger.


Performance Car Track Day – Saturday 14 September 2019

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We listened, hot car owners, we’ve heard you, and now Killarney International Raceway will be hosting a variety of special events for street cars over the next few months.

The first of these will be on Saturday 14 September when the regular Streetcar Track Day will be hosted in the Old Pits from early morning while a Performance Car Track Day is being planned at New Pits facility from midday until late afternoon.

These will be followed by a Street2Strip day event on Heritage Day, Tuesday 24 September, themed as ‘National Braai Day Street2Strip’ and supported by the local drag racers as an additional practice opportunity. Another two Street2Strip Friday night events – on 1 November and 6 December – have also been added to the calendar.

The Performance Car Track Day caters to the owners of sophisticated, high-performance cars wanting to enjoy their vehicles and improve their driving skills in a controlled environment, and enjoys the support of, among others, the BMW Car Club of Cape Town. Numbers will be limited, however, and entry is by application.

Experienced racing drivers and MasterDrive instructors will be on hand for personalised one-on-one coaching, and participants will have an exclusive chill-out area on the balcony above the New Pits, where they can relax and debrief between track sessions, as well as a lecture room for briefings.

There will also be special food offerings from the New Pits Lounge, which will be open to the general public, as well as a kiddies play area and jumping castle.

If you think you and your car qualify, contact Terri Philander at (021) 557-1639 or by email at terri@wpmc.co.za. There’s a special Early Bird entry fee of R550, which includes a free passenger armband (limited to one person), provided you submit your entry and proof of payment by close of business on Wednesday 11 September.

After that you’ll pay R650 per driver and R200 per passenger; entry on the day will cost R750 per driver and R200 per passenger.

Documentation will be open on the day at the New Pits from 11:00am to 12:30pm, followed by a detailed drivers briefing and classroom session at 12:45pm. Drivers will be seeded into two groups depending their experience, and will take part in an on-track orientation session at about 1:30pm.

Thereafter each driver will get three 15 minute sessions on the track. All participants are also invited to attend a debrief session on the balcony at the end of the event.

Karting Round 7 – Saturday 14 September 2019

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Motorcycle Track School – Saturday 21 September 2019

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13h15 to 13h30 Documentation and Scrutineering. (first come, first served)

13h30 Compulsory Riders’ Safety Briefing

14h00 to 18h00 Track time, in groups, alternating between A, B and C (fast, medium, and beginner)

While the fast and medium guys are on the track, we will be doing some theory sessions with the beginner group, before they go out onto the circuit.

Please wear suitable motorcycle protective clothing. (helmet, jacket, gloves, boots that cover the ankle, and preferably riding pants as well. Leather is best.)

Please fill the tank on your way to the circuit, as you can expect to do 4 x 15 minute track sessions.  (The circuit 3.267km.)

Please note that at scrutineering, we do check the safety critical items on the bike, like tyres, brakes, chain, and NO oil leaks. And we do have a noise limit of 108dB, so if the exhaust is excessively loud, you will not be permitted onto the track. If your bike is roadworthy, then you should have no problems.

There is a facility to buy snacks and hot / cold drinks above the pit area. Incidentally, we run this event from the New Pit Complex, which is on the Western side of the main straight. You need to use the first entrance (also known as the Moto-X entrance) to the circuit, which is at the robots where the municipal garden waste recycling site is. Heading north, turn left at those robots, and our entrance is on your right. Then look for the big pit complex on your right. Ask for Wayne Arendse when you arrive, and I will ensure that you are helped correctly.

The cost to enter is R560 per rider, and there is no need to pre-book. Just take note of the times above.

Please feel free to contact Wayne Arendse (wanero.arendse@transnet.net in cc)  if there is anything else that you would like to know.


Tar Oval Racing – Saturday 21 September 2019

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IPMS SA Nationals – 20 – 22 September 2019

Scale Model Contest

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Heritage Day Street 2 Strip – Tuesday 24 September 2019

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Extreme Festival Round 7 – Saturday 28 September 2019

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The second visit this year of the Extreme Festival sponsored by Wingfield Motors to Killarney International Raceway on Saturday 28 September is going to be even more amped-up on adrenalin than the first, with no less than five National Championship and three National Challenge classes, backed up by support races for one of Killarney’s action-packed Regional classes.

Gates open at 7:30am, racing begins at 10:00am. Book at Computicket (https://tickets.computicket.com) or pay at the gate: Adults R100, scholars under 16 R40 and children under 12 free.

Headlining the action will be the prestigious Global Touring Cars, in the GTC and GTC2 categories; they’re fast, they’re noisy and the racing is spectacularly close – but if it’s mirror and door-handle bashing action you want, then the Falken Polo Cup is for you.

All the cars in this class are identical, near-standard Volkswagen Polos, they’re all on the same tyres and the drivers are young and hungry, willing to take chances in their quest for fame and glory – and they will tell you straight out that theirs is a contact sport!

In contrast, the drivers of the Investchem Formula 1600 cars try to avoid contact because when these F1 mini-mes tangle wheels the results tend to be extreme. The drivers are just as competitive as their tin-top colleagues, however, and this class is known for some spectacular mishaps.

But the closest racing of all is likely to be in the Superbike classes, where local hotshots will join the National contenders, using home-track advantage to show the visitors a thing or two. In addition to the litre-class Superbikes and 600cc Supersports, there will also be National Challenge racing in both the one-make Kawasaki ZX-10R Masters Cup and the Gauteng-based Thunderbike categories.

The pits paddock will be open to the public all day, and spectators are invited onto the circuit during the lunch break to meet the competitors in one of the categories.

The Trackside Pub and Grill upstairs at the Clubhouse offers ice-cold drinks and fine food, or you can grab takeaways and drinks from the New Pits Lounge and the Karting Clubhouse. Watch real time on-screen coverage of the action, as well as live timing, on the Clubhouse Balcony and in the New Pits Lounge, then hop on the free Hyundai Shuttle and watch it live from vantage points all round the circuit.

There are pedal karts, pushbikes, jungle gyms and more for petrolheads-in-training at the Clubhouse Kiddies Korner and below the New Pits Lounge; parents of toddlers will find fridges to keep juice boxes cold, nappy-changing and breastfeeding facilities, as well as toilets and wash-up facilities, at the Kiddies’ Korner nursery.

The seventh and penultimate round of the Extreme Festival sponsored by Wingfield Motors will be run at Killarney International Raceway on Saturday 28 September. Gates open at 7:30am, racing begins at 10:00am. Book at Computicket (https://tickets.computicket.com) or pay at the gate: Adults R100, scholars under 16 R40 and children under 12 free.

Moonlight Dog Walk – Friday 4 October 2019

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Karting Round 8 – Saturday 5 October 2019

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Drag Racing Round 8 & IASCA Sound Off – Saturday 5 October 2019

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Short Circuit Racing Round 8 – Saturday 5 October 2019

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Motorcycle Track School – Saturday 12 October 2019

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Oval Track Racing – Saturday 12 October 2019

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The Sunflower Fund Ride 4 Hope – Sunday 13 October 2019


Power Series Round 8 – Saturday 19 October 2019

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Killarney Motor Show – Sunday 27 October 2019

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Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! – For the 2019 Killarney Motor Show powered by Kfm 94.5 at the home of motorsport in the Western Cape on Sunday 27 October.

It’s open from 10:00am to 5:00pm – book at Computicket or pay at the gate, both events for R100 for adults, R40 for scholars under 16 and free if you’re under 12 or you’re a Western Province Motor Club member.

For the fourth annual Killarney Motor Show – the biggest, most hands-on motor show in the Western Cape – we are taking the revs up again with close to 1300 vehicles on show and more than 100 stalls selling just about anything you can think of for your car  – and your tummy, with a huge variety of watering holes serving ice-cold drinks, sit-down eateries and takeaway vendors!

There’s a new, more accessible layout, an entirely new category of exhibitors and fascinating new displays to delight spectators and keep them at the show all day, from “Gates open” at 10:00am until the show closes at 5:00pm, including live music and a fun fair in the pits paddock offering exciting rides for children of all ages.

This year’s show will feature no less than four active circuits, starting with the Tar Oval, where the Cape Hell Drivers will be running a full Tar Oval Racing event at Killarney International Raceway during the show – at no extra cost.

Next door to that is the Arena section; as its name suggests, that’s where you’ll experience non-stop entertainment including stunts, drifting, burnouts, classic motorcycle and even vintage tractor parades and tug-o-war contests.

There will be public karting on the one-kilometre ‘K’ circuit, to give you a real taste of how Formula One greats Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and Ayrton Senna started their racing careers, while the new car dealers have their own dedicated test drive circuit for the first time, offering test drives on the latest models all day – including electric cars, another first for the Killarney Motor Show.

Trials expert and Dakar Rally hero Kobus Potgieter will show us how to ride over all sorts of natural obstacles, while international stunt stars the Le Riche brothers will amaze you with impossible stunts on two wheels, including riding almost four metres straight up the side of a truck!

In addition, the new car dealers will have their own dedicated test drive circuit for the first time, a one-kilometre loop around the banking on Fastron Corner and through the drag-strip paddock, offering test drives on the latest models all day – including electric cars, another first for the Killarney Motor Show.

The Adventure City area goes (literally) wild this year with a comprehensive display of off-road machinery on two and four wheels, off-road trailers, camping gear, tents and accessories – everything you need for your next safari.

The static displays at the 2019 Killarney Motor Show will encompass some one thousand vehicles, ranging from classic, custom and brand-new motorcycles to massive eighteen-wheeler trucks.

Pride of place on the main straight, however, goes to the Streetcar Show, featuring cars of all types and sizes, customised inside and out and modified as only the Mother City’s petrolheads can do it, into ‘hot rods’, ‘stance cars’ lowered to within centimetres of the road and American-style muscle-cars.

The Crankhandle Club will display a magnificent collection of classic cars from 1902 to the 1970s in the covered pits, while the Cape Multi-MotorClub brings together hundreds of exotics bearing names such as Porsche, Jaguar and Alfa Romeo in the paddock behind the Clubhouse

Kfm Corner is dedicated to lovingly restored classic motorcycles from the 1950s to the 1980s, with dealers’ stands displaying the latest models and incredible custom machinery from the finest workshops in the Western Cape in the pits paddock.

Nearly all the vehicles on display, old and new, arrive on their own wheels, the stunts are genuine, the racing on the Tar Oval is for real.  That’s what the Killarney Motor Show is all about: it’s all for real – and you’re invited!

For more information visit the Killarney Motor Show website at http://killarneymotorshow.co.za.

FIA WRX South Africa – Saturday 9& Sunday 10 November 2019

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