Upcoming Events

Don’t miss out on some serious action on 20 April at Round 2 of the WP Regional Karting Championship.
The Western Province Kart Championship always provides an unforgettable day of regional karting
action. From the youngest talents in the Bambino and Micro Max Classes to the more experienced racers
in the Mini, Junior Max, Senior Max and DD2, the events are filled with intense competition, surprising
twists, and outstanding performances.
Entry for spectators is at Gate 5 only, at R120 for adults, R20 for under-16s and free for under-12s.
As the championship battles unfold and intensify, one thing is certain: Cape Town’s karting scene is
brimming with talent and promise, setting the stage for a thrilling season.
There will be a variety of food and drinks on sale from upmarket vendors (including halaal) who know just
how to re-fuel motorsport fans – but you’re also welcome bring your cooler box and gazebo, light up your
skottelbraai and make a day of it.
For more information contact Club secretary Chantal Pieters at wpmckarting@gmail.com

Racing4Change presents a gymkhana event from 9:00am to 4:00pm, with drifting from 4:00pm to 6:00pm on
Saturday 20 April on the Castrol Spinning Pitch.
Gymkhanas consist of timed speed pattern racing over a set course, usually within a very limited
space such as our Spinning Pitch.
Just about anyone can enter, provided that you have a driving licence and a car that can pass the
safety checks. The stars of the show, however, are the purpose built rear-wheel drive machines.
These are crowd favourites as drivers use the rear wheels and loud pedal to make it around the tight
U-turns; some get carried away and end up doing a few more circles than is necessary, but it’s all
part of the fun!
Spectator tickets are available at the gate (cash or card) at R100 for adults, R20 for scholars under 16 and
free for children under 12.
Please note that competitors, crew members and spectators may only enter through Gate 1 on Potsdam
To join in the fun with your car, contact Witzenberg Motorklub gymkhana co-ordinator Abdul Sayed on
Whatsapp at 082 336 7788, or at hiriziai@gmail.com.

Robot Racing is the purest form of motorsport there is: Two cars line up at a red robot, the robot goes green
and whoever reaches the finishing line first, 402 metres (a quarter of a mile) away, is the winner. Running at
night adds extra excitement and drama – it’s the closest you can get to street racing without breaking the
Robot Racing started way back in 2016 as a joint effort between the Western Province Motor Club at
Killarney and the City of Cape Town, to get street racers off the public roads and into a safe and controlled
environment where they can enjoy their cars without endangering other road users and the public at large.
With up to 260 participants and thousands of spectators cheering them on, the atmosphere is electric, the
air is filled with the sound of highly-tuned engines and thick with tyre smoke – you can almost smell the
The next Robot Racing event powered by the City of Cape Town at Killarney is on Wednesday 24 April from
6:30pm to 10:00pm.
Spectator tickets are available online at R70 for adults from our online ticket sales provider Ticketmaster at
https://www.ticketmaster.co.za/event/killarney-raceway-robot-racing-tickets/2291 There’s no charge for
children under 12 – just pick up their free tickets at the gate!
Tickets will also be available on the night at the gate (cash or card!) at R100 for adults and free for children
under 12 – and there is no extra charge to race!
If you want to participate, just remember to bring a roadworthy car, a crash helmet, a long-sleeved top and
long trousers, and your current South African driving licence.
Documentation for participating is open at Gate 1 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm on the day and scrutineering for
the compulsory safety checks closes at 8:00pm.
Tasty take-aways (including halaal) and ice-cold drinks are available in the spectator area, so bring the family
and make an evening of it – see you there!
For more information email Race Secretary Terri Philander at terri@wpmc.co.za
Follow us on social media at www.facebook.com/killarneyinternationalraceway,
https://twitter.com/killarney_ct/ and https://www.instagram.com/killarneyinternationalraceway/
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Killarney’s Power Series, presented by Lime Property Management in association with Smile 90.4 FM on
Freedom Day, Saturday 27 April, has an exciting new format.
The Fine Cars and Kaltron Supercars, Formula Libre racing cars, MGA Racing Clubman/Classic
Superbikes/Breakfast Run Motorcyles and BATT tech STC 650 / SSP300 motorcycles will each run both of
their races before the lunch break.
The Le Joubert Sports & GT Cars, Pirelli V8 Masters, SealPro Winelands Superbikes/Superbike
Challenge/Masters/600’s motorcycles, Laude Classic Cars, API Property Group GTi Challenge and Thermo
Fires Clubmans Saloons will each run both of their races after the lunch break.
This means less waiting around between races for the competitors and a more exciting motorsport
experience for the fans! At the same time, Spin Outlaws will be shredding rubber on the Castrol Spinning
Pitch; experience this vibrant expression of street-car culture at no extra charge.
Save time and money by pre-purchasing your tickets online from Ticketmaster at
https://www.ticketmaster.co.za/event/killarney-raceway-power-series-tickets/2289, at R90 for adults, R10
for under-16s; there’s no charge for under-12s – just pick up their free tickets at the gate. Plus you get
speedy access to Killarney with scanners in operation to verify your booking on your phone – there’s no need
to print your tickets out or pick them up.
Tickets at the gate (cash or card!) are R120 for adults and R20 for scholars under 16; children under 12 are
free. And, as always, WPMC members get in free on production of your membership book at the gate.
For the spectators it’s all about THRILLS AND FAMILY FUN for petrolheads of all ages; there are outlets
around the facility serving hot snacks and cold beverages – as well as children’s play areas, including the
famous Kiddies’ Korner, the coolest party zone on the West Coast, which is available for hire year-round. On
Race Day your kids get to enjoy it absolutely free!
Spectators are welcome to move around throughout the day by using the free shuttle service to watch the
action from different vantage points. The pits are always open to spectators, so you can also see the cars and
motorcycles up close.
There’s ample parking all around the circuit, so bring your beach umbrella or gazebo and your cooler box,
light up your skottelbraai, park next to one of our brick braais, or just pick a seat on one of our shaded
grandstands and make the day your own.
For more information contact the Western Province Motor Club at (021) 557-1639 during office hours, or
email info@wpmc.co.za.
Follow us on social media at www.facebook.com/killarneyinternationalraceway,
https://twitter.com/killarney_ct/ and https://www.instagram.com/killarneyinternationalraceway/

#RobotRacing #KillarneyDrags #KillarneyDragRacing #KillarneyStreetRacing #Killarney_CT #KillarneyRaceway
#KillarneyInternationalRaceway #WPMCMotorcycles #killarneyshortcircuit #V8Masters #SportsandGT